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Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10help and info

  • Is Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10 free?

    This is a free game to download and players can immediately start using it once it has installed on their computer. No charges are levied for the game once you get going but there are a number of in-app purchases that you can choose to make but only if you want to.

  • Does Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10 crash?

    It is unlikely that this version of the popular mahjong game will crash because it has been very well designed by its developers and does not take up a great deal of system resource when running. If it does crash, then it is more likely that it is another process running in the background of your PC that has caused the problem than the game itself.

  • Does Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10 work with Vista?

    This game will run on several versions of the Windows operating system but Vista and XP are not supported. According to Microsoft, PC users running Windows 8.1 and above will find that it works perfectly.

  • Will Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10 work on mobile devices?

    Yes, it will. If you want a handy mahjong game for your Windows phone, then this is certainly a good option. Bear in mind that your phone will need to run one of the following operating systems – Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile.

  • Can I play Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10 with my Xbox Live account?

    Signing in with an Xbox Live account is certainly possible with this program. Doing so will allow you to earn certain achievements in the game. In addition, you can use your account to play against your friends, to submit your scores to the game's leaderboard or to simply keep track of your statistics.

  • How difficult is Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10?

    The game has three levels of difficulty to choose from, so it is ideal for anyone from complete novices to experts.

  • Can I take back a turn with Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10?

    Unlike the real game that is played all over the world, it is possible to use the 'dynamic undo' system in order to reverse turns that did not work out so well. This feature helps newcomers to learn better tactics.

  • How much memory does Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10 take up?

    The game has some really well-drawn graphics and a user-friendly interface all of which takes up memory. Account for approximately 2 GB of memory on your device being taken up by it following a download.

  • What languages does Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10 support?

    There are a huge number of languages that the game will operate in. Nearly all of the major European languages are included. Gamers can even switch between using US or UK English, depending on their personal preference.

  • Is Microsoft Mahjong for Windows 10 suitable for children to play?

    For kids who have an understanding of the game already, it is a very suitable app. The game is rated as PEGI 3.